Software Testing

Since 2008, our certified employees have performed software testing activities for our customers using state-of-the-art test methods. Testing software is complex because of the many factors that can keep the information system components from working correctly in all conditions.

The scope, therefore, includes the testing of a wide spectrum:

  • The quality of software components / modules.
  • The error-free performance of the whole of the integrated components of the software and the technical infrastructure.
  • The stability of technical performance and load tolerance of the system.
  • The backup, recovery and fallback system.

Our experienced testers are fully committed to taking away your concerns in these areas and identifying all possible bugs. This by participating in the preparation and implementation of test scenarios and test scripts based on functional and technical specifications, use cases, performance requirements, data models and interfaces. They have the drive, momentum and professionalism to play an essential role within both traditional and Agile frameworks.

By using our excellent video conferencing tools in combination with a sophisticated work methodology,  we regularly participate in ad hoc work meetings, Scrums and Sprints.


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