Seeing is believing

With our “Seeing is believing” approach we have found a perfect and proven way to let you get to know FarShoring and our services, in order to get a perfect match between your needs and our solutions. We are convinced that this approach, when you are already interested in outsourcing, will help you to make a well-thought-out decision.

Once you´ve contacted FarShoring and we have established that the required services can be provided, we will propose to start a pilot project with a limited part of the work to be performed. With this ‘Proof of Concept’ you can see that it actually works.

The scope, duration, deliverables including KPI’s, details of the collaboration and cost-sharing aspects of the pilot will be decided in mutual agreement. Upon successful completion of the pilot, the further collaboration will be developed and continued.


Are you interested in the possibilities of FarShoring for your organization?

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