Hyarchis D.C.

FarShoring has extensive experience with correspondence in the Financial Services market in general and the mortgage market in particular. We are specialized in setting up and managing your documents and other communications in Hyarchis D.C. (HCC). Your price lists, quotes, policies, arrears letters, advertising displays, etc. are made, edited and managed by us.

We have worked with Hyarchis D.C. (HCC) since 2010 and are well known with its extensive functional features. Advanced features hold no secrets for us. Our extensive knowledge of these functionalities enables us to work efficiently and deliver high quality output.

If required, we also support testing your developed and/or modified correspondence: this is based on a strict separation of functions by test employees who do not participate in the development process.

We have extensive knowledge and experience in the traditional workprocesses (waterfall method) as well as the aging methodology with all of our services. By using our excellent video conferencing tools in combination with a sophisticated work methodology, we regularly participate in ad hoc work meetings, Scrums and Sprints.


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